Tech Stack.

Because the language is just another tool.

  • HTML

    Provides a skeleton page like no other on this list.

  • CSS

    Beautifies the built skeleton.

  • Javascript

    Frontend needs to be written in something.

  • TypeScript

    Gives more control over the previous language on the list.

  • SASS

    CSS is better to write.

  • jQuery

    JS is shorter to write.

  • React JS

    React components!

  • Git

    You need to have control over the code!

  • Wordpress

    The most popular CMS.

  • Laravel

    A modest, clean and simple PHP framework.

  • Cypress

    It is worth testing the written code.

  • Angular

    It started with AngularJS.

  • Vue JS

    Had to rewrite one project from Vue to React.


    Accompanied at the beginning of programming.

  • Svelte

    Framework other than the others.